TOAR-II HEGIFTOM Focus Working Group

Meeting#3 August 2022

A virtual 2h meeting held at 30 August 2022, with a focus on the ongoing intercomparison activities involving ground-based free-tropospheric ozone retrievals.

The agenda can be downloaded here and the link to the Google Drive Map with all the presentations and audio/video recordings is here


  1. Latest news about HEGIFTOM: website and new SC Liaison member (pptx)
  2. Internal Consistency/YEAR#1: Update about harmonized data sets
    • 2022 Status Update of the Tropospheric Ozone Lidar Homogenized Datasets for TOAR-II, Thierry Leblanc (NASA/JPL) (pptx)
  3. External Consistency/YEAR#2: TOAR-II Intercomparison Guidelines for Observations of Tropospheric Column Ozone and Tropospheric Ozone Profiles & Intercomparisons and collaboration with Satellite and Re-analysis FWG
    • Intercomparison of long-term ozone measurements from ground-based techniques, Robin Björklund (BIRA) (pptx)
    • Trend studies of Umkehr and ozonesonde records in the troposphere at 5 stations, Peter Effertz (NOAA/GML) (pdf)
    • Consistency of global tropospheric ozone observations made by aircraft (IAGOS) and ozonesonde observations, Honglei Wang and David Tarasick (pptx)
    • Harmonisation & intercomparison of tropospheric ozone Climate Data RecordsDaan Hubert, Arno Keppens, Tijl Verhoelst, Steven Compernolle & Jean-Christopher Lambert (BIRA) (pdf)
    • TOAR-2 chemical reanalysis WG updates and representativeness analysis plan, Kazuyuki Miyazaki (NASA/JPL) (pdf)
  4. AOB: HEGIFTOM TOAR-II Publications + Outlook (pptx)


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